Who are we?

chrisfennellthemanthelegendHello! I’m Chris, and I am the man behind OSA. I’ve been working independently as an internet marketer since 2009. I’ve learnt from my mistakes and successes to create the ultimate affiliate marketing package and training program, so that you can become a successful internet marketer. My team consists of web designers and marketers of various disciplines – in other words, we know our stuff when it comes to making money online. And I’m here to help you, every step of the way…

Online Success Academy provide your OWN online business, in the form of a website that generates revenue through promoting products and earning commissions. No need for any physical selling, all you need is a laptop! AND, we train you how to use the most effective marketing tactics!


What is affiliate marketing? Is it hard?

Affiliate marketing, it sounds so corporate and scary, but it’s actually so easy, straightforward and it doesn’t have to be hard. Allow me to explain.

Your website is the “middleman” between the buyer and the seller.

The potential buyer (customer) lands on your page, they see a product they like which they click on. They are then taken to the retailer’s website. They buy the product, the retailer then pays you commission as it is thanks to your website they got the sale.

Google are paid by companies just for clicking on their product or service but at a much smaller rate. You gain much higher commission from being a lead or a direct sale thanks to your website.

There are four main components you need to be an affiliate marketer –

  1. The advertiser – the retailer/supplier of the actual products you are promoting
  2. The network – a hub that links the Advertisers and Publishers.
  3. The publisher – Where you, the affiliate comes in. You choose which companies to represent on your affiliate website.
  4. The customer – the person who sees what they want and buy it.

Think of these components as cogs in a clock. Cogs of a clock must work together to make it tick.

When these 4 cogs are working efficiently, your clock turns into a well-oiled money making machine. Every tick is a sign of more money going in your pocket.

Can anyone have an affiliate website?

YES, this type of business is for ANYONE! For those who want a career in affiliate marketing as their only source of income, or for those who want a side project whilst doing a day job. We at OSA are here to make that happen.

Website Options 

We offer different options to becoming an affiliate marketer.

  1. You can choose from over a dozen readymade websites.
  2. We can make you your own custom made website in your chosen niche

Once you have chosen your website type we then give you a training package which shows you how to get customers and use your website.

The online training courses feature over 120 video guides on dozens of online marketing methods. I personally developed this as I have been an internet marketer since 2009.

What shall I sell on my website?

Well, anything you like. What are you interested in and enjoy doing? This is called a niche market. Niche just means what theme your website will be selling e.g. if you are into art then you would feature websites that sell various art materials likes paints, brushes, canvases etc.

Here’s an example of one of our ready-made website businesses, in the golfing niche:


This website features hundreds of the latest golf equipment available today. The products featured range from drivers, clubs, shoes, bags and many other accessories. It is recorded that over 4 million of the UK adult population play golf; therefore approximately 8% of the population play the sport. The beauty of having a readymade website is that it means you can start promoting your site and gaining commission immediately.

Where do I come in?

You will have a website that’s all yours containing links to websites in your niche subject (which we do for you).

People go on your website for example looking for golf shoes, a golf bag and gloves. The visitor clicks a link on your website that takes them to the suppliers website, they then buy the product and you get paid commission.  Simple!

You just need to find platforms to feature your website on, platforms like twitter, Facebook, amazon and many more. Get as many people looking on your website, as these people will become buyers. (We show you how to do all of this)

How much money can I earn?

We will use our golf website as an example. As I mentioned before there are 4 million people who practice golf in the UK. If your website has 40,000 visitors at a £5 commission rate, where only 5% make a purchase you get £10,000 in commission!

5% of that 40,000 make a purchase = 2,000 sales. 2000 x £5 commission rate = £10,000

If only 2.5% of that 40,000 make a purchase you will get £5,000. That’s not bad for a month’s takings! And you keep 100% of it.

EVEN if only 5000 people visit your website in a month (which is easy to achieve!), you can still earn a whopping £1250 per month!*

Do you have many websites in stock?

Yes, we currently have dozens of websites ready to go with different niches.

Each website contains hundreds of deals which link straight to the seller’s website, they buy, and you get commission. Commission can vary depending on the company so we make sure you know which company’s pay a hight commission rate.

What if I don’t like the website niches you have in stock?

That’s not a problem. We will make you a website custom made website with the niche of YOUR choice. There’s no bad niche because it’s YOUR website, we just put it together for you taking the hard work out. Your website will be personal to you and ready to go.

But I already have a website!

If you don’t want a website with us but want to be an affiliate marketer, that’s fine too. We offer training packages to those who already have a website!

You still get –

  • On-going support from our trained team
  • Email updates on advice on our ever changing market to make sure you stay on top of competitors.
  • The same support and knowledge you would have with one of our websites.

What do I get with my website?

  • Complete ownership of your website and a domain name. We don’t get a penny of your commission as we just offer support following purchase of your website. You keep 100% of commission you make.
  • Up to 5 email addresses (e.g. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc.) featured on your domain name.
  • Complete guide to affiliate marketing e-book which enables you to get a head start.
  • Free hosting for the first 12 months on super quick, dependable UK servers.
  • Fully mobile website.
  • Access to our private content, guides and videos for the first 12 months

What are the bonuses of having your own affiliate marketing business?

Where do I start? Imagine being paid commission for having a readymade website which sells stuff related to your passions and hobbies in life. For example if you love hairdressing you can have an affiliate website which markets hair products, tools, equipment and treatments, The list is endless. We have helped many people who feel hopeless and fed up with their current work situation, desperate to have a job that makes them happy and enjoy working again. You can fully run this business in the comfort of your own home! Stay at home mums can now be successful business woman.

Added Bonuses

  • Being your own boss
  • Doing as much or as little work as you like (depending on the amount of return you want)
  • No business rates to pay
  • Working from the comfort of your own home
  • Seeing money come in from your hard work directly from your input
  • When you make a sale you receive instant reward, which I warn you becomes addictive


*Please read our earnings disclaimer, all earning potential claims are achievable as mentioned but do require that you work to the training program. Even then, no guarantees can be made as your success is down to your input.